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January 4, 2014 § Leave a comment


The week between Christmas and New Years came and went too quickly. And although each year it feels like a blur, this one felt even faster. I spent most of the week on the couch, half awake, half asleep, bundled with blankets, battling the flu. It knocked me on my butt for over a week and unfortunately made me miss out on some of the things I truly love to do over the holidays. There was no cooking in the kitchen for me, prepping big family meals, all us kids crowded onto one stove top, fighting for counter-space. (Hence why I have no new food to share with you). I missed most of the card games and cribbage matches. I slept through the annual wine tasting. I was terribly unhelpful and most of the time couldn’t get more than a sentence out every couple hours. Food tasted horrible and I was lucky to not get instant nausea after just one bite.


Luckily, because my family has impeccable timing, I did get to enjoy one wonderful treat before falling ill. My mom and I had spent the afternoon at another wedding dress shop, trying on awful dresses, none of which had any potential for the wedding we are trying to have. It had its moments of fun but was mostly exhausting and a little disheartening. I left the shop really questioning whether all of this work was worth it. Doubt was seeping in and it left me a bit unhappy. When we arrived back home it was dark and cold. We were both hungry, secretly wishing someone had decided to make dinner.


A little sign hung on the back door “Surprise”. And soon I was just that, terribly surprised. I swung the door open and was greeted with shouts and kisses. My whole family dressed in ties and suit jackets, the ladies in heals and cute dresses. Ross stood in the hallway with the same look of shock I must have had on my face. We were ushered upstairs and told to put on something nice. Downstairs the dining room was filled with more banners, lit candles, pretty white napkins and pine cones. Around the room were tons of photos of Ross and I, some of us together, but most from when we were young. (The first picture in this post was my favorite, both of us were such unbelievable fashion icons!) Champagne was toasted, dinner was served and we played an engagement game. I learned that I will never for the life of me be able to remember Ross’ celebrity crush. I have already forgotten who he said at the time. But, I also learned that he knew I was the one the minute I moved to Boston.


My family is simply wonderful for throwing us such a party. I’m not sure they realized even how perfect the timing was. I wanted to marry Ross right then in that instant. And it made me realize that I do want to have this kind of moment again and celebrate our wedding surrounded by the people that love us. I know I didn’t thank my family enough that night, it meant everything to us.

So with my flu almost past, and the new year underway, I am looking forward to a bunch of new changes. And I am happy knowing there will be many more wonderful reasons to spend time with family this year.


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