creamed honey

March 7, 2013 § 1 Comment


Creamed honey. I discovered this little treat on a trip to San Francisco this past year. We were up early one morning, wandering the Ferry Building Marketplace, enjoying a waffle and coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee. Amazing waffles and coffee by the way. We chose the place based on the 25 people waiting in line. The crowd knows best. Their waffles are covered in melted sugar and wrapped in paper to eat on the go. With our mouths and stomachs happy, we wandered through the vendors on the waterfront; lots of olive oils, balsamics, donuts for 50 cents, little trinkets and teas. And then there was honey, a huge wall of it, all sorts of flavors and textures. I’d never really known there was such a thing as flavored honey. It might have seemed like the safe choice at the time, but I’m so glad we picked it, plain creamed honey.


I’m still not sure the difference behind making raw honey and creamed honey, but basically creamed honey is made of small crystals, which make it a spreadable joy. I spread it on a lot of things now, but the best and simplest so far has been on toast. I just spread a bit of butter to soften the bread and a large dab of creamed honey. It’s quick, it’s delicious and just a touch sweet. I now always have a jar in our cupboard.



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