part 2: san diego & living in luxury

February 28, 2014 § Leave a comment


There was so much I wanted to share about our trip to San Diego that it seemed like too much for one post. Hence post number two coming your way with a few more treasures.

There are so many little things that feel like indulgences when it’s the middle of February and you leave the snow behind. I noticed a few things instantly, that I didn’t even realize I was missing. First, rolling down the car windows. What a simple thing, but what a luxury too; feeling the cool breeze and listening to the sounds of the city. Second, sweating. I have been running all winter but haven’t sweat once. It’s somewhat disappointing to come home after working out and not feel like you really achieved anything. A big piece of this is sweat related. We went for a run in the rolling hills of Laguna our first morning away and I had beads of sweat within seconds. It made the run feel refreshing and tiring, in the good way. And third, taking a cold shower. Warm days just scream for a cool showers. Your warm, the water is cold, it’s just wonderful. Now these were the small luxuries that I loved in California, but we also had some higher-end luxuries that I am not usually use to either.


We stayed at The US Grant in downtown San Diego. The beauty of this hotel speaks for itself, glass chandeliers in the lobby, large artwork over each bed, and corner rooms with big windows and views. But the service was just as impeccable. It’s the type of service that makes you feel important, even if you aren’t. I was even called Mrs. Tremblay at one time, which had me hiding a smile. Its funny how a beautiful hotel room to come back to each night and wake up in each morning can make you feel so much more relaxed.

There were a few other gems I wanted to share with you. The first being Stone Brewing Company. A wonderful spot, even if you’re not a beer lover. They have a beautiful outdoor space where you can walk around with drinks and relax in Adirondack chairs. We indulged in the stinky cheese platter, forgoing the really stinky cheese option. (I was a little afraid of it to be honest.) The cheese had just the right amount of stink with homemade crackers and crisp apple slices, it was the perfect mid-afternoon snack.


If you find yourself in Coronado, please pop into The Attic. It’s a cute shop of household goods, jewelry, wonderful gifts and the prices are so incredibly reasonable. I picked up coasters and a new ring and was just delighted.

And if you find yourself in need of a pre-dinner snack, try Currant. This restaurant has a playful happy hour menu with gourmet popcorn and tater tots. A lot of indulgent fried food that was satisying but not heavy. The perfect combination with a glass of red wine.

And lastly, if you find yourself in La Jolla, check out the Legends Gallery. They house Dr. Seuss artwork, including some original sketches, like the Grinch! They also have some of his not so known work, that was quite interesting and very different from what we know to be his style. It’s a small gallery but a 15 minute walk through is worth it.


All vacations can feel luxurious at times, your mind is usually at peace, its relaxing and different all at the same time. There are many things I will remember about our trip to San Diego, but its the small things that I know I will cherish for a long time. The best one being this kangaroo at the zoo. We spotted him right when we arrived, snoozing in the sunshine. Instantly, I knew this kangaroo was embodying Ross. If Ross could nap all day, he would, and he would love every minute. We looped back around to him before we left the park, hours later, and he was still in the same spot. Even when he had a scratch, he just lifted his head, not opening an eye, and got it. These are the priceless memories.


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