san diego & cafe chloe

February 23, 2014 § Leave a comment


When my latte arrived at Cafe Chloe, I’m not sure I could have contained my smile even if I tried. It was in a small bowl, lightly browned foam covering the top with espresso just strong enough. It was even big enough that I shared a sip or two with Ross. I thought our first breakfast in San Diego couldn’t get any better, but then the food arrived. I ordered a crepe oozing with mushrooms and tasting like truffle. (Side note, truffle is huge in San Diego, you can get it on almost anything. We enjoyed it on fries and popcorn while there.) Ross had a zucchini omelette where the chevre just melted in your mouth. We ate in the sunshine, savoring every bite. A light salad on the side almost stole the show, with tomatoes that tasted like they had been picked just seconds earlier. Sometimes you forget what fresh vegetables taste like when they’re off season. I won’t lie, we were so impressed with this cafe that for our last morning in California, I ran over early and grabbed croissants and greek yogurt and brought them back to the hotel for breakfast in bed with the paper. The greek yogurt was covered in dried apricots, hazelnuts and granola, and had a ginger kick that I loved. And the croissants were everything they should be, flaky and moist.


Eating good food is one of my favorite things when on vacation. We rarely eat out at home, so when we are away its a treat to get our meals out. And we very much enjoy the relaxation that goes along with it. We sip our drinks slowly, we sit there longer and enjoy each bite. A lot of hours are spent eating on vacation, so why not savor it. Cafe Chloe may have been the stand out, but there were so many other highlights.


Being from New England, sometimes I forget that California is somewhat of a desert state. Their shrubbery is so different from what I’m used to. And the fog that rolled in each day was always a surprise. It seemed everywhere we went the coast followed us. We spent most of our days hiking, running and even surfing. I haven’t been in the ocean in ages, and although I am a bit frightened of the water (I’m not the best swimmer), I enjoyed it so. I even learned something new about myself, I surf goofy foot. I also now know that I look ridiculous in a wet suit, ocean water is way too salty, and if you push yourself just hard enough you can pretty much do anything. I got up on my surf board for just seven seconds and couldn’t have been happier with myself.


Vacation is a wonderful time to regroup and decompress from our busy schedules. But it’s also a great opportunity to try something different and learn new things. I am not a sit on the beach all day kind of girl; first off I’m Irish and burn in under two minutes, but I also find it quite boring. Somehow I have been lucky to find the perfect balance of relaxing but also doing a ton of things on vacation. It’s just how I like it.



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