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November 10, 2013 § Leave a comment


My boy likes to make beer. He has taken on a new hobby and decided to join me in the kitchen. It is this new passion that has us trekking out for grains, hops and Irish moss, for tubes, filters and sieves. And spending four hours in the kitchen on Sunday afternoons, with football on in the background, boiling grains. The beer making tools have taken over our little condo. Our closets are overflowing with buckets, empty glass bottles and growlers and our fridge is stocked full with a number of homemade varieties.


I should start by saying that Ross is great in the kitchen if you tell him what to do and are very specific with your instructions. I love him for his eagerness and helpfulness, but he still has a lot to learn. His cooking instincts, while improving, are not always on par. So I am in awe when he makes his beer. His kitchen clumsiness seems to disappear and he instinctively just knows what should and shouldn’t be happening. Like an experienced chef who can adjust on the fly, he watches his brew with the same intention. I have learned so much from him already. I know what hops smell like; they can be musty and overpower the nostrils. I’ve gotten to taste tons of different grain varieties, all with their own unique flavor. I even like the taste of them after they’ve been boiled and become wet and sweet. And we have learned a few things together as well, like what happens when you don’t have enough sugar in your brew and carbonation showers liquid everywhere.


We have even gone as far as buying a little hop vine that we planted it in my parents’ garden. Who knows if it will last the winter, but the smile it brought to Ross’ face when he got to pick his first fresh hops was worth it.

I don’t have a specific recipe to share here, but there are tons of them out there. You do need a decent amount of equipment to get started, but once you have the base of tools it’s just about buying new grains and hops. Something maybe worth trying if your loved one wants to join you in the kitchen!



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