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October 27, 2013 § Leave a comment


I won’t lie. Last week I walked over to the city’s farmers market on my lunch break. I walked right past all the fruits and vegetables, past the fresh breads and cheeses and stopped directly in front of the smallest stand.
“One hazelnut crunch donut, please.”
I did pause for just a moment and considered whether I should have chosen the one smothered in vanilla glaze, but the moment passed.
“Do you need a bag or just paper?”
“Just paper.”
“It’s only going to go one place, right?”
This comment brought the biggest grin to my face. And yes, he was right; I planned to eat it immediately.


I should premise this with the fact that I rarely eat donuts, it actually only happens once a year! On the morning of our annual Christmas tree cutting, we have a brunch that consists of mimosas, bagels and donuts. I savor that one donut each year and usually hit all my bases by having half of a glazed and half of a chocolate frosted. That’s about all I need for the year. But each week, as I picked up my fruits and veggies, I couldn’t help but notice this little donut stand. And although I noticed the stand, I never had the desire to get one. I don’t think I have ever had a donut that wasn’t for breakfast, so at noon or one o’clock in the afternoon, my desire for one was always low. So the one day when I got really excited about the potential of having one I just went for it. And oh my gosh, it was unbelievable. This was a donut elevated to the next level, so flavorful, crunchy and light. No one could ever be disappointed with a donut like this. I ate every bite and licked my fingers and felt utterly satisfied.


The donut stand will go away soon, with the cold winter temperatures coming, the market goes into hibernation. I do believe that this one donut will satisfy me all winter long though; but, if for some reason I get a sudden urge, luckily, they have cute little shop in Somerville.


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