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July 31, 2013 § Leave a comment


A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to be in a friends wedding up in Killington, Vermont. Killington might be all hustle and bustle in the winter time with the ski mountain just minutes from our hotel, but in the summertime it’s dead quiet with shops still advertising ski rentals and hot soup specials. I considered myself incredibly lucky to have found Sunup Bakery, a cafe just 2 minutes from our hotel, that was not only open but had an array of breakfast choices. Thank god it was good because it was our only choice for breakfast each morning.


Our journey began Saturday morning. Once off the interstate and on the back roads of Vermont we were surrounded by so much green. There has been some terrible flooding in Vermont this past Summer but it has kept all the vegetation looking so pretty and vibrant. Our first stop was brunch in the town of Woodstock. All of a sudden we were driving through this quaint little downtown area with shops and brick houses, sidewalks and outdoor cafes. We pulled over immediately. Mon Vert Café is filled with Vermont goodies, serving Vermont Coffee Company coffee, Lake Champlain chocolate treats to take to go and breakfast served until 11 a.m. My fiance and I have come up with this little trick where for breakfast we order one sweet thing and one savory thing and share both. This way we aren’t hungry in an hour, but we also get our sugar kick. The cinnamon scone and pesto egg sandwich covered both these categories. We even got to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine for bit in little European-style white metal chairs.


Back on the road the rest of the weekend was busy, as most weddings are. There were nail appointments, rehearsals, lots of food and chatting with people you haven’t seen in years. A few drinks, some late nights and lots of makeup and perfume. So it was pleasant to have an hour in the morning of peace and sunshine, sipping coffee and enjoying each others silence. I think this is why I love cafes so much, if ever you need to nestle in for a bit and escape from reality, they offer a warm spot for you to relax. I also find it is one of the most calming ways to start the day, or at least my days.

As for the wedding, everything went just perfectly and I wish Mel and Mike so much happiness and adventure, two things I know they won’t have trouble with.


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