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June 5, 2013 § Leave a comment


When your own mother, who doesn’t even live in the same state as you, starts telling you about great coffee shops right down the road, that you’ve never heard of, you go! I’m not sure if it’s because we always have monthly t-passes into the city, or if it’s because our 1998 Honda Civic isn’t the most appealing thing to drive, or if it’s because there are so many great places to eat in Boston, but we rarely check out eateries outside the city. This one in particular was just a 10 minute drive away in the town of Newton, so close it was sad that we had missed it for so many years.

My mom had heard about George Howell Coffee on the local news. Apparently George Howell sold his original business to Starbucks and now after many years out of the spotlight, he has opened his own place. He seems to know good coffee and offers pastries, paninis and crepes as perfect accompaniments. And he does know good coffee. I guess his secret is to not blend different coffee beans. In order to get the most intense flavor, the beans should all be from the same place. We popped in one early Saturday morning, for a quick coffee to go and we picked up a pound for later.


It only seemed appropriate when we were up in Vermont a few weekends ago to share the coffee with my parents, since we would have never discovered it without them. My parents recently celebrated their 37th Wedding Anniversary. And with the kids all home for once, we had a little breakfast with champagne, donuts and George Howell coffee. We are lucky if the whole family is in the same place at the same time, it usually only happens once a year at Christmas time. So when it does happen, we cherish it. What better way to spend our time together then lingering over sweet treats and sipping hot coffee.


Ironically, when I purchased the pound of coffee beans I was handed a card for a free cup of coffee on my next visit. Which means, we have to go back. And this time we will be trying not only a new coffee blend but some food too.


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