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April 27, 2013 § Leave a comment


With all the recent Boston chaos, it’s nice that the city has quieted down a bit, that memorials have gone up and the sun and warm Spring air is finally moving in. People are flowing onto the streets and staying out as long as they can. It was the perfect setting for a quiet breakfast alone on a Saturday morning. Well, not alone, I had a new Vogue with me.

Tatte is a little café with two person tables all pushed together. It feels crowded in the most elegant way, like a little European café. The displays of prepared food are just so beautiful, cakes in glass jars, rows and rows of cookies in tied up cellophane and a little glass fridge gleaming with cream and fruit. It’s the type of food you feel bad about destroying but your mouth can’t get enough of. The smells are so wonderful they flood even the outside sidewalk and waft down the street; smells of sweet cinnamon bread and almond cookies. It’s the perfect spot for a breakfast pastry or dessert and a café au lait.


Once the winter chill is gone, there are white patio tables all set up outside for enjoying the sunshine and people watching. This morning was a bit too cool, so I nestled up inside.

Their menu reminds me of Paris, where for breakfast you can get a whole basket of bread or a whole basket of pastries with little jams and butters to smother each slice. Oh and of course fresh orange juice to go with it. That is one of my fondest food memories, freshly squeezed orange juice from Paris. I got a glass every morning I was there. I haven’t found one at home that comes even close to comparing. But this morning I was in the mood for something sweet and decided to get a hazelnut rose. The hazelnut rose is a sweet roll popping right out of its little golden wrapper, just like two rose stems, oozing with sweet butter and hazelnuts. It was layer after layer of rolled dough with sweet goodness melted between each one.


Mid way through my Vogue reading a young girl and dad skipped into the shop chanting, “Animal Crackers! Animal Crackers!” My first thought was, this shop doesn’t have animal crackers, picturing the iconic red box with string and circus animals. But a silver plate was plucked from the counter, “I have lions, tigers and elephants today.” Of course, little butter cookies in the shapes of animals, adorable. The girl got $4 worth of elephants only. She seemed so pleased with her choice.

I had arrived at the shop right at 8 a.m., just as the doors opened, lucky to get a table right in the front window. And although I was only there for an hour the shop bustled in and out with customers, a lot of whom seemed like regulars. Some stayed for a while and spoke softly or not at all, others took to the streets with their coffees to go. I ate slowly, sipped my latte until it was cold and flipped through my Vogue, perfectly content. It was a lovely, slow morning.


Tatte has a larger shop in Cambridge, which I’m looking forward to trying as well. The selection sounds even more robust on the other side of the river, maybe next time a full Parisian breakfast will be in order.


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