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April 10, 2013 § Leave a comment


We are currently in the midst of some major running/training and decided on a whim this past Saturday that we deserved lunch out after a staggering 19.3-mile run. Who can think about anything other than drinking a gallon of water after running that far? I had no energy to pull food out of the fridge and find something to slap together. We did have the energy to trek all the way downtown to have someone else make us food though! We enjoyed it so much that we have decided for the next few weeks that when we have long runs scheduled, we will treat ourselves to a new café or restaurant for a much needed bite. This will also give me an excuse to share some of the wonderful places to eat in Boston. Living here for almost five years now has given me lots of time to explore the restaurants and food markets and I do have some favorites.

First stop, Flour bakery and cafe. It’s a cute spot with quirky menus and wooden country tables. We snagged the last two seats at the bar; the place was still packed at 3:30 p.m. on a Sunday! Aka this place knows what it’s doing. It’s actually a brand new location for the bakery. They have three other spots in Boston, one in the South End, one in Cambridge and one down by the Seaport. I have been to the South End location just once years ago and remember it fondly. Another thing I love about Flour is the Owner/Pastry Chef Joanne Chang. I have had thoughts over the years about stepping into the culinary world myself. She was the only chef in the area who gave me heart-felt and just straight-up great advice. It’s inspiring to have someone of her stature give advice to a complete stranger. And it did not go unnoticed by me either.


Now going out for a café lunch on the weekend doesn’t sounds like an unusual thing, but for us it is. We are probably one of very few couples that can actually say they rarely eat out. There are a few reasons why we don’t eat out as much as maybe we should. One major reason: choices. I find a lot of places offer non-meat eaters pretty much the same thing. While the selection is growing it still takes some hunting around to make sure I’m not going to have to order the same old mozzarella and basil sandwich. I don’t like to eat food out that I can easily make at home. The second reason we eat at home a lot is we cook good food. We’ve set a high standard for when we go out and I find some places come up a little short. It’s such a disappointment when you finally decide to go out and the food is no better than what you made at home the night before. And lastly, I may be a tad bit frugal. Eating out is expensive, so I use the excuse that we will enjoy it that much more if we only do it every once in awhile. So making the decision to go out each weekend for the next few weeks is kind of a big deal.


And pleasantly, we were both very happy with our first weekend spot. The boyfriend plowed through his roast beef sandwich with horseradish mayo and crispy onions. And he helped me finish my salad loaded with white beans, capers, roasted red peppers, mozzarella and fresh focaccia croutons. Flour is actually known for its over the top bakery items. They even have two cookbooks out toting all their fabulous pastries. I don’t know if we were still exhausted from running or the run had somehow made us non-dessert lovers for the day but we passed on an after lunch treat. I was actually happy we did. It gives us an excuse to go back for a latte and something sweet much sooner.


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